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Hello, there

I'm Erwin Vrolijk and I help people to be more effective based on data. I do this in roles which are described as Product Owner, Product Manager, Solution Architect, Monitoring Architect and Senior Data Consultant.

My current role is Sales Engineer at the awesome company Splunk. This enables me to daily practice what I preach, help people and organizations become more effective using data.

The postings on this site are my own and do not represent the position or opinions of Splunk Inc., or its affiliates.

If you are interested in my professional career, see LinkedIn. Or read, in dutch, how I was introduced at BrightCubes in 2020.

My talent stack is varied and consists, among other things, of:

Recently I learned a name exists for my approach to technology; Taco Bell programming. Master a few powerful tools and use them well.

I try to have a beginners mindset as much as possible. And I like to learn new things. As part of this system I've challenged myself to augment my talent stack, so I can drop the 'based on data' part. To be able to do that I will have to move more into the personal effectiveness space.