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Where is the OpenTelemetry RFC?

2022 May 24 - 184 words - 1 mins - web blog
In one of my talks about OpenTelemetry I got a great question: Where is the RFC of the OpenTelemetry protocol? I've found the answer for you. read more

Linear regression in sqlite

2021 January 06 - 1041 words - 6 mins - sqlite prediction emonitor
Linear regression is a very simple, powerful tool to predict the future. Especially when directly implemented in sqlite. read more

3 important things to know to improve your cappuccino

2020 October 12 - 861 words - 5 mins - coffee espresso milk
It's fun to make coffee with my simple espresso machine. The current work from home era allows me to learn a lot by practice. And I've practiced my milk frothing a lot lately. read more

IT Operations – Towards automation and predicting

2019 July 01 - 862 words - 5 mins - monitoring
'I have been helping customers with IT Operations issues for many years. One common pattern is to use Splunk as a central analytics platform. It can accelerate IT processes and make them more efficient' , Product Manager Erwin Vrolijk explains. read more

Splunk eventgen now supports negative values

2019 February 15 - 386 words - 2 mins - patch open source
The Netherlands is a country with a lot of water. A big part of the country is even below sea level. And we even have a branch of government whose only concern is water management, water boards. I had the opportunity to show one of the boards how their work could be more efficient read more

4 Tips to write a great use case

2018 November 01 - 724 words - 4 mins - monitoring
The way to prepare an organization for a data-driven future is to collect use cases. These small business cases describe: which decisions you took, what data you need, and how this contributes to the strategic objectives of the organization. Let me tell you the four essential, most overlooked steps read more

Machine Learning & Algorithms

2018 August 01 - 705 words - 4 mins - machine learning
Research on Artificial Intelligence already started in the seventies. Because of this, it is possible for a computer to learn something. A computer can now make predictions or recognize objects based on examples. read more

Machine Learning for Dummies

2018 July 01 - 610 words - 4 mins - machine learning
Machine Learning is a way to explain a computer what to do. You can’t just direct summon a computer do perform a task. That is why you give instructions on how to recognise relations and how features are recognized. read more

A fresh look at IT and business services

2018 May 01 - 431 words - 3 mins - monitoring
The last couple of years, we have seen several fantastic developments in the world of IT, systems are more and more being integrated (hyper converged) and standardized. At first sight this is great read more

Image uploading fixed for Wordpress IOS-app

2011 January 24 - 77 words - 1 mins - patch open source
We are using Wordpress in a not so common configuration: our installation is hosted with a self-signed ssl cert, and behind http-auth. With this setup image uploading fails when using the IOS app. read more

Small bug fix in wordpress plugin

2011 January 18 - 84 words - 1 mins - patch open source
In the wordpress CMS, a thumbnail can be added to a post. You have to add this thumbnail manually to a post, even when the post contains an image. The 'Automatic Post Thumbnail' plugin automates the addition of thumbnails to posts. read more

Quarters added to org-mode

2010 November 29 - 105 words - 1 mins - patch open source
Org-mode is part of the emacs text editor. It is a versatile ToDo-list manager, project planner, life manager. Org-mode has the ability to show information grouped by day, week, month or year. I added grouping by quarters to this list. read more

InPlaceRichEditor autosize patch

2008 July 01 - 69 words - 1 mins - patch open source
In the 1.3 version of InPlaceRichEditor, a script which enables TinyMCE to be used as a edit in place editor, lives a patch I created. This patch assures the TinyMCE editor is the same size as the text to be edited. read more