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Where is the OpenTelemetry RFC?

2022 May 24 - 184 words - 1 mins - web blog - Also available in Dutch

In one of my talks about OpenTelemetry I got a great question: Where is the RFC of the OpenTelemetry protocol? I've found the answer for you.

OpenTelemetry is a project managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). And the foundation doesn't make standards, but specifications. They explain the difference very well.

To be brief, specifications are more dynamic and are more often updated compared to standards. This can be seen in the OpenTelemtery specification.
This year, two versions have been released already. Updates to the specification are tracked in a GitHub repository. This is also used to discuss updates.

To get back to the original question; the most recent specification of the OpenTelemetry protocol can be found here::

So no RFC, but an official versioned specification!