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Data Persistence in the OpenTelemetry Collector

2023 January 18 - 877 words - 5 mins - opentelemetry open source blog
What happens if the OpenTelemetry collector cannot send data? Will it drop, queue in memory or on disk? Let's find out which settings are available and how they work! read more

Use OpenTelemetry to Auto Instrument WordPress

2022 November 01 - 1843 words - 10 mins - opentelemetry open source blog
OpenTelemetry is often associated with modern microservices and cloud-native applications. What happens if we apply OpenTelemetry and modern observability techniques to something completely different? read more

Where is the OpenTelemetry RFC?

2022 May 24 - 184 words - 1 mins - opentelemetry open source
In one of my talks about OpenTelemetry I got a great question: Where is the RFC of the OpenTelemetry protocol? I've found the answer for you. read more