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IT Operations – Towards automation and predicting

2019 July 01 - 862 words - 5 mins - monitoring
'I have been helping customers with IT Operations issues for many years. One common pattern is to use Splunk as a central analytics platform. It can accelerate IT processes and make them more efficient' , Product Manager Erwin Vrolijk explains. read more

4 Tips to write a great use case

2018 November 01 - 724 words - 4 mins - monitoring
The way to prepare an organization for a data-driven future is to collect use cases. These small business cases describe: which decisions you took, what data you need, and how this contributes to the strategic objectives of the organization. Let me tell you the four essential, most overlooked steps read more

A fresh look at IT and business services

2018 May 01 - 431 words - 3 mins - monitoring
The last couple of years, we have seen several fantastic developments in the world of IT, systems are more and more being integrated (hyper converged) and standardized. At first sight this is great read more