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Splunk eventgen now supports negative values

2019 February 15 - 386 words - 2 mins - patch open source
The Netherlands is a country with a lot of water. A big part of the country is even below sea level. And we even have a branch of government whose only concern is water management, water boards. I had the opportunity to show one of the boards how their work could be more efficient read more

Image uploading fixed for Wordpress IOS-app

2011 January 24 - 77 words - 1 mins - patch open source
We are using Wordpress in a not so common configuration: our installation is hosted with a self-signed ssl cert, and behind http-auth. With this setup image uploading fails when using the IOS app. read more

Small bug fix in wordpress plugin

2011 January 18 - 84 words - 1 mins - patch open source
In the wordpress CMS, a thumbnail can be added to a post. You have to add this thumbnail manually to a post, even when the post contains an image. The 'Automatic Post Thumbnail' plugin automates the addition of thumbnails to posts. read more

Quarters added to org-mode

2010 November 29 - 105 words - 1 mins - patch open source
Org-mode is part of the emacs text editor. It is a versatile ToDo-list manager, project planner, life manager. Org-mode has the ability to show information grouped by day, week, month or year. I added grouping by quarters to this list. read more

InPlaceRichEditor autosize patch

2008 July 01 - 69 words - 1 mins - patch open source
In the 1.3 version of InPlaceRichEditor, a script which enables TinyMCE to be used as a edit in place editor, lives a patch I created. This patch assures the TinyMCE editor is the same size as the text to be edited. read more